I am a graduate student at Rhode Island School of Design, focusing on adaptive reuse on interior space. I also hold a Bachelor of Art in Spatial Design from China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

RISD offer a diverse platform that can be accommodated for every individual student’s desire. As a member in the community, I developed versatile skill sets, including woodwork and web programming, and my works also spans across media and types.

Prior to my graduate school, I joined META-Project, a creative architectural studio based in Beijing. I got involved in several architectural / interior projects throughout the entire process and respectively accumulated on-site construction experience.

I also coordinated and assisted organizing the META:Hutongs project, an on-going urban research focusing on the inner fabrication of Beijing Hutongs. Throughout a series of workshops, exhibitions and round table discussions, META-Hutongs has gained international reputation and was invited to Venice Biennale on 2014.


CV / Resume