Courtyard by the West Sea

Hutong Regeneration

//// META-Project 2013
//// Architect / Wang Shuo / Zhang Jing
//// Team / Wu Yaping / Chang Qianqian / Cheng Yin / Wang Han / Zhang Guowei / Li Shuang / Lan Tian / Liu Xinxin
//// Photo courtesy of Chen Su


Mid Yard

Perspective from the Mid-yard


For this project, the site offers a background of rich information: facing the West Sea Lake, straight south of the Desheng Men Gate, the site is surrounded by the old Hutongs alleys that linking the residential area of old Beijing.

In such urban context, we endeavor to infuse the host building – two row of industrial buildings adapted to a gentrified use as cafe, but moved away due to mismanagement – with characteristics of traditional quadrangle courtyard, and also, a modern unit that contains a blend of various usages. The renovation strike a balance between the urban context and the spatial quality that served as a high-end club.


site before renovation

Site Locaton / Before Renovation


Under the understanding of typical quadrangle, a Three-Step-Courtyard was generated by actively alter the spatial layout, in attempt to open the courtyard introversion and closed extroversion. Also, it is not a simple replica of tradition. By demolishing parts of the existing, we try elaborate the subtle difference spatial experience in sections along the circulation.

Also, the three inserted porches, as metaphoric form of classical method of space division in Chinese gardening, the “Moon Gate”, define the spatial layers and the “Three-step” of the courtyard, and also making the everyday walking a smooth linear experience.

spatial intervention

Front yard_s

Perspective view from the frontyard


Interior of the tea house