Food Machine

CAFA Graduation Design 2013

//// Conceptural Design for Milan EXPO 2015 China Pavilion
//// CAFA Graduation Design 2013
//// Instructor / Huang Jiancheng / Li Liang



Themed on Feeding the Planet, Energy for life, the Milan Expo, to be opened in 2015, will focus on the food issue which entails the food safety and also the sustainability of agriculture. But the fact we are facing is embarrassing. Notoriously, food safety has been a long-running issue in China. A series of recently exposed food-related scandals made the Chinese distrustful to whatever they eat: they blindly believe in what is proclaimed to be “natural and authentic” and on the other hand, intrinsically repulsive to food industrial technologies.



Beyond the level of exhibition, the Milan Expo is a great opportunity to spread the notion of modern food industry, for both China and the outside world. People should realized that to feed a population of 1.4 billion, what a colossal food machine is running to fulfill the huge demand. By contextualizing through the purpose that turning the space into a food factory, its industrial properties are underscored. The insertion of modern agriculture planting and irrigation system reconciles with the exposed structure, and reinforces the experience, contrasting to the received notion of eating.



Site of China Pavilion at Milan EXPO Campus


Food Machine is a proposal that showcase a entire food industry chain, while in a other hand, it aims to blur the boundary between the industrial properties, and the natural properties of the entire supply chain which spans from agricultural planting to batch producing and to food serving.



The proposal is a manifesto. The exposed material, the cantilevered aisle, and the stairs, inappropriately long that exceeds the human scale, form the industrialized properties of the proposal, and consisted with the structural framework as well.