META Scape

Recycled Material Installation

//// Team / Li Shuang / Zhou Di / Ding Rui / Zhang Yang
//// Photo courtesy of Fang Chun


META-Scape is one of the submitted works for the AMI Exhibition. The theme of the exhibition “Appropriate, Mutate, Innovate” or “AMI” is to showcase new designs, methods of fabrication and recycling or up-cycling of commonly used and thrown away materials into designed objects. META-Scape was exhibited at Caochangdi Art Zone during the Beijing Design Week 2013.



Material Inventory


Fabrication: Knot – Element – Module


The installation tries to extend the properties of the given material – chopsticks in the perspective of tectonics. By using 2 different types of knots, it mutates into 4 basic modules (as 4 types of bricks) and extend its single rigid property to multiple forms ranging from soft/flexible to solid/stable. The gradient of its flexibility, modulate the final shape into a threshold between a solid wall and a soft arch.


Four modules form thresholds in between and thus create a gradient in flexibility



Fabrication: From Solid Wall to Flexible Arch


From left to right / X-Z Plane View /  Y-Z Plane View / Perspective View


During the exhibition, the installation was placed by the main entrance to the exhibition hall. The end of the arch naturally sagged and create an interesting interaction for the visitors.



Snapshots from the exhibition at Caochangdi Art Zone


Interaction between the visitor and the installation